struggle and strengthYou were made for a specific assignment. Your assignment was designed by God and made specifically for you to carry out. Yet how many times have you not done something that you know God told you to do? There have been times when I know that God gave me an assignment and I didn’t immediately move and do what God said to do. I thought that if I didn’t do the assignment that it would just go away.

I realized that my assignment is my assignment regardless of how many times I run from it. But while I ran, I learned a major truth about God and His direction for me.

God has a plan for my life and He has to develop my character to match His assignment.

You see, when I thought was running away from an assignment, God was actually running me towards it.

There is a call on your life and God is continually preparing you for that call and your character must match the call.

We often wonder why we have to experience trials and tribulations. Our “going through” does have a purpose! When God has a great assignment for you, He has to develop great character to match that assignment. God takes all the time He needs to make you the kind of person that He can trust with that assignment. Don’t assume that the moment He calls you, you are ready for the assignment. Regardless of what or where your assignment is, He has to prepare you for it.

When God prepares you, He is making you useful for service. When we think we are running away from something, God is preparing us. God will shape, strip, purge and pull you so that He can put in you who you really are. When we run, we get fit. When we run from God, He can take our running to make us even more fit for His service.

When God prepares you, He positions you. He is always moving you towards your destiny! God will prepare you, equip you, resource you, shape you, anoint you, instruct you, and transform you so that you can carry out your assignment.

God isn’t simply interested in your starting an assignment; He wants you to finish the assignment and accomplish the thing for which He designed you to do.

If you are experiencing trials and tribulations, know that God is preparing you for a great assignment.

You may think you are running away. But God is always taking you FORWARD!

God is producing endurance in you so you will have what you need for your God-given assignment.

Embrace your assignment and MOVE FORWARD towards your destiny!

If you want to move forward in your calling and career, allow God’s continuous development of your character. It must match His assignment!