A front row is an inner circle of your closest friends, family or associates that you associate with because of a common purpose. Every Vision Building Woman has her own private front row. These people inspire, coach, mentor, motivate, encourage and propel you to the greatness others see from the outside looking in.

Your front row may not be a group of friends that you hang out with and have fun. Your front row are those people that push you toward the God-given goals that you were designed to accomplish. It’s that intimate inner circle that sticks with you through everything – good and bad. I’ve found that the people on your front row consistently provide you with two things: momentum and balance.

As you define your front row, never forget that whom you surround yourself with will also play a part in making or breaking you. Women of vision are always moving forward towards a goal for their lives; therefore, you must always surround yourself with those people who help you reach your dreams or encourage you to do so. The vision within you is depending on you to make the right choices. Be responsible about whom you allow to influence you.

As you evaluate your current and future front row, remember . . .

  • The more you move forward, the more strategic your front row needs to be. Tweet This
  • The more you move forward, the more prayerful your front row needs to be. Tweet This
  • The more you move forward, the more your front row needs to be made up of different types of people. Tweet This
  • The more you move forward, the more selective your front row needs to be. Tweet This

Allow me to go DEEPER . . .

I have found that as Vision Building Women must also have what I call a “Faith Front Row.” These are people that:

  • Know and live the Word;
  • Can come along side you and fight; and
  • Will praise God with you AND for you.

There are those people who not only know the Word, but they live the Word. God uses them to teach you and give you guidance. You will need that friend to listen, to share and to speak words of encouragement.  Have relationships that bring spiritual nurturing. Each of us can benefit from a friend, mentor, coach, or prayer partner, with whom you can freely discuss (without worry of losing confidentiality) the trials and triumphs of living for and with God. In a spiritual friendship, it is not enough that you listen to each other; but that both of you hear and listen to God. (Tweet This) The people in your life that know the Word are constantly encouraging you to do all things through Christ who gives you the strength.

There are people in your life who are like warriors. These are those people who fight with you. I am not referring to physical bouts. These are those people who can pray with and for you. A warrior may not look like what you expect her to look like on the outside, but on the inside she is a fighter! The Bible teaches us that we need people who can go through tribulation, distress, or persecution with us. The warriors in your life have experienced what it means to be cast down but unconquered, hard pressed on every side but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair and struck down but not destroyed – yet they will still go through it again with you! The warriors in your life believe the promises of God and are ready, willing and able to accomplish His Word.

There must be people in your life who can praise with you when times are good or bad. These are those people who stand with you in praise even when they do not understand why you are praising Him. They pray and praise with you regardless of what they see in your life. They will pray and praise with you because they know that with God, whatever is best for you will happen because you both love God and are called according to His purpose. These people encourage you to have faith even when you do not see an outcome.

Whoever you ally yourself with; you allow them to have influence in your life.

My Faith Front Row is small but exponentially more valuable to me as I work towards the goals in my life, ministry and career. They challenge me not only in my vision, my goals and my desire to learn and grow, but more importantly in my view of right and wrong, my ethics, my honesty and integrity.

Be surrounded by dynamic, honest, truthful and challenging Faith Front Row. They will make you a better person every day.



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