The Saturday after Christmas I did my usual routine of getting up and working out on the treadmill.

I have a highly specialized pair of shoes that I wear that give me maximum comfort and maximum impact as I walk. I always use these shoes, but this time I couldn’t because the shoes were in my car and my husband and son had my car at a basketball game.

So as not to miss my workout, I wore a different pair of shoes. The shoes didn’t fit my feet properly. I noticed that as I was exercising my legs began to hurt. When I woke up the next morning I had severe back pain.

After two days of pain, I went to the Urgent Care and the doctor told me that I had severe muscle spasms in my back.

Why am I telling you about my pack pain?

One word – VISION!

What does my wearing the wrong shoes have to do with building the vision that God places in your heart?

Wearing the wrong shoes accomplished the task but did not give me the result that I should’ve received. I was able to exercise and I accomplished what I set out to do, but the result was not what was intended for the action I took.

God gives you specific directions for the vision that He has placed in your heart. But if you do something different then the outcome is not what God intended.

The result is something other than what God intended for your life or the life of the people that you serve.

When you don’t do what God has designed you to do then the outcome of your life is not the way God intended.  Click to Tweet

We wonder why the blessings are not there.
We wonder why others are moving forward and have momentum in their lives and we don’t.

It’s because in 2014 they took an exact step.
They stepped out and they did EXACTLY what God said to do. Now they are seeing the intended results.

So don’t put on the wrong shoes!

If you want the results that God intended for you to have then you must do exactly as He says to do. Click to Tweet

Run with what God places in your heart and He will do the rest!  Click to Tweet

Now that we are in 2015 . . .

Write the book He told you to write.

Start the ministry He has placed in your heart.

Begin the business that He is said will prosper you and your family.

Don’t let another year go by and you don’t run with a vision that God has placed inside of your heart.

Remember the vision is not about you.
The vision is about your giving glory to God.





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