Recently at a conference, I listened to the testimony from a woman who God prepared for a major event in her life. She told us how God put a scripture in her heart and how she studied and meditated on this scripture for about two months. She would meditate on it day and night. The scripture spoke to her in so many ways. Then she got some earth shattering news concerning her son. Her testimony showed me again that God will prepare you for the new season He is about to release on you!

Many times we look at our current situation as negative because of the trials we may be experiencing. But, have you ever considered that what you are experiencing today – at work, in your personal life, or in your spiritual life – is all part of a preparation process for the new season God is about to release you into?

Have you ever considered that the reason you are experiencing your current situation is because something new needs to be developed within you?

God is so great and He knows where He is taking us. God has already seen the end before He even starts the beginning! But He has to ensure that when He releases us to this new season or this new place in our life – whether it is a new job or a new relationship or expansion in ministry – that we are prepared for it.

Here’s what we must remember about God’s preparation plan.

First, God always prepares you before He places you (click to tweet).  Before He places you in anything new He has to prepare you. When God prepares us, God prepares us from within. God’s preparation is about our internal transformation. He gives us the character that we need to be able to carry out the new assignment. That’s why when He is preparing us, the situation seems so difficult. When God is preparing you for the “new” in your life, He ensures that your character can match where He is about to release you. The preparation time for the “new” in your life could seem negative. God’s preparation is never negative; but, it’s always necessary (click to tweet). When there is transformation within you, then you’re prepared for new levels.

Second, your preparation is a time for you to get rid of the old so that you can be prepared and ready for the “new” that God has for you. When God takes us to a new level – professionally, financially, spiritually or emotionally – there are old emotions, old friends, old acquaintances, old relationships, old attitudes, old thinking that must go. The “old” can’t go with us to the new place where God is about to release us. When God is taking us to a new place we have to be prepared to let go of the old so that we can be released into our new season (click to tweet).  In order for us to let go of the old, God may have to shake us up a little or even take us into a storm, so that we will release those things that don’t need to go into our Divinely prepared season.

Finally, during your preparation time, you must trust God. You must trust that He is working everything out for your good. Every situation, every trial, every pain, every heartache that you may be experiencing at this particular time in your life is a part of your Divine preparation process. God’s preparation for greatness is like none other you will ever experience (click to tweet).

God preparing you for your next level is necessary. When He transforms you from within, it’s now a part of who you are and will never ever leave you. The impact of our preparation is eternal.

When God prepares you, He makes you greater than you are today. God’s preparation transforms who you are within because He is forming your character into what you need for the next level in your life.

Put a new perspective on your current struggle. God is taking you somewhere! (click to tweet)