Usually, I write an article to encourage you. Today is different. I always love to share what I have learned. Here’s what I have learned and experienced over the past week.

  1. A struggle today means a new season is about to begin for you
  2. When you are leaving the old for the new, the transition is always difficult. The NEW is always worth the difficulty.
  3. View your current situation from the perspective of the new season you are about to enter and not the current struggle you are about to leave.
  4. Whenever God opens a door for you, the enemy will always try to keep you from going through the door. Kick the devil out of your way. Put him under your feet. Walk through the door!
  5. Some of the relationships you have had in the past can’t go where GOD is taking you. It could kill them. Holding on to the old will pollute the new!
  6. When you DO different you face a different fear. Every time I step out, a new fear begins to creep in. I know that God has not given me a spirit of fear! Not now. Not ever! When I step out, God will handle everything else!
  7. The Bible is ALWAYS true. You must pray without ceasing!

Print these principles and put them in a place where you can read them daily.

Put a new perspective on your current struggle.