I once read that there are two outstanding days in a person’s life. The first is the day we were born. The second outstanding day is when we find out WHY we were born.

When is it revealed to us why we are here? When and how do we determine our purpose?

How often have you asked yourself, “why am I here?” or “what exactly is my purpose?”

You begin to “search” for your purpose. You search for it in your volunteer work. You search for it in your job. You search for it at church.  Instead of finding your purpose, you lose yourself in the titles you obtain and the roles that you play.

Do you ever really “find” your purpose?

The reason that you don’t “find” purpose in the areas that you are searching is because you’re searching for purpose from the perspective of yourself.  click to tweet

Your purpose was designed by God.  He determines the plans and purpose for your life.  If you’re searching for your purpose from anything or anyone but God, then your search will turn up empty. click to tweet

You see, God is the only Planner for our lives! Only He can give you the purpose you have been searching for (Jeremiah 29:11).

Instead of searching in all directions for your purpose, begin to seek God as to the plans He has for you!

I can help you with one reason! We were created to give God glory (Isaiah 43:7).  So should you be operating in your purpose? The answer is a resounding yes. We should all be operating in our purpose.  Your purpose has to come from the One who originated the plans for your life.

Your purpose has to come from the One that designed the plans for your life.

Your purpose has to come from God!

So the purpose of this particular article was to release you from some of the pressure that you have been feeling because you feel like you’re not walking in your purpose. Seek God and give Him glory in everything and you will be living out your purpose. click to tweet





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