I always thought I understood and knew God’s purpose for my life. But it seems that every time I thought I knew what God was doing, a detour happened. A life detour is when God takes you in a direction that you did not expect to go.

In 2014, I learned that there is a Divine purpose for every detour in our life. The situations that I thought were struggles were actually Divine detours to get me to His Divine purpose for my life.

Think about it.

Did not every struggle you experienced take your relationship with God to a higher and more intimate level?

Every detour that God created in your life this year was there for a purpose.

The purpose was to move you towards His Divine destiny.

At every detour, a shift happened in my life!
A Mindset shift.
A Physical shift.
An Emotional shift.
A Financial shift.
A Spiritual shift.

Now here’s the revelation.

These were not ordinary shifts. They were SHIFTs!

God gave my friend and fellow minister of the gospel, Prophetess Latitia Rodgers the meaning of SHIFT.

S – Something
H – Happens
I – If
F – Faith
T – Triumphs!

 At every detour in my life God made a SHIFT. My faith grew stronger. It went to a level that I had not experienced before in certain areas of my life.

I learned that a SHIFT is not about your movement. It’s about your faith to move forward. [click to tweet]

Reflect on some of the struggles that you have had this year. I know that you may have asked, “God why am I having these experiences? Why am I stuck? Why am I not moving forward?”

There were many times when I would have like to known about the shift before it happened. But, the one thing I’ve come to understand is that God does not give us the details of our destiny. We have to trust Him that He has it all under control and that whatever He does is for our good.

As you go into 2015 don’t continue to look back at those things you didn’t accomplish in 2014. Look forward to the SHIFT God has for you in 2015!

The PROBLEM is that you encountered in 2014 was necessary for the PROMOTION in 2015.

The OBSTACLES that you encounter in 2014 were necessary for the OPPORTUNITY that He is going to put in front of you in 2015.

The STRUGGLES you experienced in 2014 were necessary to build your STRENGTH for the SHIFT required from you in 2015.

Prepare yourself to go into 2015 with strength and moving forward towards your destiny.

God has already designed it for you. It’s just waiting for you to make that first step to go forward and do what He’s called you to do.

You can’t let the vision inside you die.
Get up!
Move forward!
Use the remaining days of 2014 to build your strategy to MOVE FORWARD!

Moving forward requires a SHIFT and a SHIFT requires faith. [click to tweet]



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