You Need a Faith Front Row

A front row is an inner circle of your closest friends, family or associates that you associate with because of a common purpose. Every Vision Building Woman has her own private front row. These people inspire, coach, mentor, motivate, encourage and propel you to the greatness others see from the outside looking in.

Your front row […]

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I Wore the Wrong Shoes!

The Saturday after Christmas I did my usual routine of getting up and working out on the treadmill.

I have a highly specialized pair of shoes that I wear that give me maximum comfort and maximum impact as I walk. I always use these shoes, but this time I couldn’t because the shoes were in my […]

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Your Destiny is in Your Detour

I always thought I understood and knew God’s purpose for my life. But it seems that every time I thought I knew what God was doing, a detour happened. A life detour is when God takes you in a direction that you did not expect to go.

In 2014, I learned that there is a Divine […]

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Why is Finding My Purpose So Difficult?

I once read that there are two outstanding days in a person’s life. The first is the day we were born. The second outstanding day is when we find out WHY we were born.

When is it revealed to us why we are here? When and how do we determine our purpose?

How often have you asked […]

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D.O.G.s Can Keep You from Your Destiny

When God first gave me the vision for the Vision Building Women, He gave it to me as I was in the midst of doing something else that I knew He had given to me to do. I was in the middle of moving forward with the ministry that God had placed in my heart, […]

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Is All This Really Necessary

Recently at a conference, I listened to the testimony from a woman who God prepared for a major event in her life. She told us how God put a scripture in her heart and how she studied and meditated on this scripture for about two months. She would meditate on it day and night. The […]

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Lessons Learned in the Process

Usually, I write an article to encourage you. Today is different. I always love to share what I have learned. Here’s what I have learned and experienced over the past week.

A struggle today means a new season is about to begin for you
When you are leaving the old for the new, the transition is always […]

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The Power of the Cross

Do you remember the hymn, “Old Rugged Cross”? When I was a young girl, we usually sang that hymn at Easter.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I heard this hymn countless times and never really knew in total what it meant. I sang it and I knew it was about Jesus and the cross […]

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Your Assignment is YOUR Assignment

You were made for a specific assignment. Your assignment was designed by God and made specifically for you to carry out. Yet how many times have you not done something that you know God told you to do? There have been times when I know that God gave me an assignment and I didn’t immediately […]

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I Didn’t Have the Strength to Fight

My experience began in September 2011 and ended December 16, 2011 (Yes, I remember the exact day it ended). I was so busy doing the “work” of ministry, that I neglected the ministry that needed to take place within me. My first book, The Ministry Within, had just been published. My grandmother had just gone […]

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